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"Welcome to Hive Social Solutions, we’re glad to have you on board the team!"​

It’s your first day on the job, and things are looking promising in your new virtual office, only the more you explore, the more you find out that something very odd is going on at Hive Social Solutions… and someone needs your help to find out exactly what it is.



The Hive was Error 404’s debut show, made in the heart of the pandemic, Error 404 wanted to bring live immersive theatre online, into their audiences’ homes. From theatre makers, they soon found themselves graphic designing and coding their sets into a ‘virtual office space’ that their audience could click and explore their way around. The new platform embedded binaural sound scapes, live Zoom sessions and tasks with the actors, to fully immerse them into a new virtual world. With audiences equipped with headphones and their own office clothes, it was game play meets immersive theatre.

Originally crafted for an online platform, The Hive then went live at Camden People’s Theatre, as theatres started opening their doors once again. Running alongside online audience members, live audiences worked together with the host to find out what was happening at Hive Social Solutions.

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"The Hive at Camden People's Theatre, defines itself as emerging in virtual immersive theatre and it actually seems like they might set a new trend on the post-pandemic scene."

Theatre Weekly

Creative team


created by error 404

Error 404 are Amy Mawer, Juliet Mann, Qiyue Luo and Daniel Romeo.


Amy Mawer as Dorothy Parker

Juliet Mann as Karen Baker

Qiyue Luo as Shirley Nottemple

Daniel Romeo as Barry Flannigan 

James Christensen as your live host Charlie Lane

Andrew Owen Cook as Terrence Wallenby

Paul Barnes as the voice of Gerald Baker


Juliet Mann & Daniel Romeo

Graphic design

Amy Mawer

Sound Design

Amy Mawer


Daniel Romeo


Qiyue Luo


Online: 9th October 2020

Live: 11th October 2020 at Camden People's Theatre

The Hive was also part of the FORM(AT) Festival, a celebration of the MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice students at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

The IT Office
The IT Office

A virtual online office for the audience to click, explore and interact.

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The Hive
The Hive

The Hive live & online by Error 404.

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The Hive Live
The Hive Live

The Hive live Performance at Camden People's Theatre.

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