the girl is...

‘The Girl Is…’ is a show created by Amy Mawer, Jo Moore and Jay Ford, also known as the collective Sorry I Just Did A Body Pop. The play looks at the transition from girlhood to womanhood, as the collective reflect upon their personal experiences, as well as accounts told to them by family and friends. Through multiple sketches, the collective explore various topics from pubic hair etiquette at the swimming pool, to abortions, office behaviour, spiking, online predators and sexual assault. The play starts off with a light tone, with oversized bikini lines and a talking womb, as they start to challenge gender stereotypes. The play then progresses onto darker subjects, that luckily don’t happen to the everyday woman, but are experienced by many, as we have found out in light of the #MeToo movement.

Not only do the collective explore gender inequality between the sexes, but they also explore how women can be equally as oppressing towards their own gender, which the collective represent through gender blurring.

The collective also use a white paper canvas to floor their stage, as well as white dresses and blonde wigs, to highlight the purity of girlhood. Only to gradually fill the canvas with imperfections, and expose their true selves underneath their wigs, as they stand side by side in solidarity, striving for gender equality.

The play is a feminist’s dream.

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Photo Credits: Laura Price